PREPSTER™ Electrode Skin Prep Pad

PREPSTER packaging

Use PREPSTER to gently abrade patient skin prior to ECG, EEG, Audiology, Stress, TENS and Sleep Study tests

  • Better skin preparation means a more accurate reading
  • Dry prep leaves no gritty residue, no mess, and needs no clean-up
  • The PREPSTER side is backed with a soft material side
  • Economical, disposable single-use exfoliating prep pads. One pad per test is all you need!
PREPSTER is a specially formulated skin prep pad designed by Medigear for healthcare providers. Made in U.S.A from Hypoallergenic material. Latex-free.
  • "Preparing the skin to create Clean Contact has been shown to dramatically improve electrode test readings."
  • "Exfoliation removes the unwanted, nonconductive skin cells, with minimal time and effort..."
  • "Poor skin preparation leads to unwanted artifact and needless retesting. Proper skin prep techniques can improve patient assessment."

PREPSTER Skin Prep Pads

  • Convenient 2.5 inch x 1.75 inch size
  • Disposable single use pads, non-sterile
  • PREPSTER side backed with soft material, white color
  • 80 PREPSTERS per zip-lock bag
  • Made in U.S.A.

PREPSTER packaging

NEW! - PREPSTER-MINI Smaller size for a variety of uses.

  • Smaller 1.25 x 1.75 inch size.
  • Same formulation as original size PREPSTER
  • Bulk slide-lock bag contains 500 PREPSTER-Minis
  • Abrasive side backed with soft cloth, smaller 1.25-inch x 1.75-inch size, White color, non-sterile, single-use, Made in U.S.A.
  • 500 each PREPSTER-Minis per slide-lock bag
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